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Targeted Audience offers a targeted audience to prospective advertisers. The majority of our website users have advanced web design skills, and some use these scripts for clients of theirs. When you advertise on, you know exactly who you are targeting: web designers or individual web users who spend money to improve their websites or their surfing experience.

Small Link Buttons

If you develop and market CGI applications, you can get a small button ad rotated on all of our pages near the top right under "Link Partners". It costs $325/30 days and can advertise either a CGI script, a collection of them, or website hosting. There are no guaranteed impressions, however it will be guaranteed to run for the full 30 day period with a minimum of 25 thousand impressions.

Corner Ads:

The ad in the top right corner of every page can be purchased for a flat monthly rate of $800. You are allowed to use both html and graphics, or just graphics. Regardless, the creative needs to be at max 175x175. 


We do provide a link to check your advertisement's statistics. It provides information on all of your banners including click-through ratios, impressions, and IP# logs.  Click through ratios are compared to each other so that you can see which image is getting the best return. We allow you to change banners at any time during your ad run.

Ad Rates:     


CPM* Total Price
5,000 $28.00 $140.00
10,000 $26.00 $260.00
20,000 $24.00 $480.00
50,000 $22.00 $1100.00
100,000 $16.00 $1900.00
200,000 $12.00 $2400.00
300,000 $10.00 $3,000.00
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