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webadverts [Advertisements]
webadverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a "banner exchange" between your site and others. banners can be displayed on your pages either through ssi calls or via standard img ta
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ams [Advertisements]
radiations ad management system is a complete adbar placement and package for website publishers. its flexible features include easy online management, integrated statistical tracking for each advertiser, powerful adbar location assignment system, an
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ad wizard jr/pro [Advertisements]
ad wizard is a web based ad utility. it will track and report statistics over multiple pages and even multiple sites. with its easy and fast setup you can place your first ad in seconds. many functions are included in the pro version.
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adgenie [Advertisements]
add, update, renew and review current ads through html forms, display ads as part of html pages, in a separate frame or on the pages produced by cgi programs. on the fly ads automatically expire after specified amount of days or impressions or clicks
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adrotate [Advertisements]
adrotate is a program that enables banner ad rotation on a web site. it can handle up to five seperate rotations. it also tracks how many times each ad has been viewed and clicked.
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advanced web banner [Advertisements]
a sophisticated, efficient advertisement program with professional looking output.
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advertise [Advertisements]
a cheap alternative to expensive advertising scripts. advertise is a script with two forms. the first works as a conventional server-side include for those who have it. the second works as a cgi script that reads your html as a template and inserts
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brotate [Advertisements]
allows you to configure pop-up banners for your website that display in order. easy to setup and configure. requires ssi.
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