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cgi scripts in perl

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cgi-factory advertisement banner rotator [Advertisements]
a powerful script that allows you to setup an advertisement program on your site. it can keep on tracking the number of times that a banner has been displayed, the number of times it has been clicked, and the chance it has to be clicked. with the pow
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campaign trailer [Advertisements]
download campaign trailer and in minutes you will be able to easily track the success of all your internet advertising campaigns! running multiple advertising campaigns? campaign trailer will display the status of them all in an easy-to-view page whi
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cliffs banner rotater [Advertisements]
a fairly simple script that rotates banners. the script lets you add, remove, and edit banners from an admin page. it also lets you make some banners come up more often than others.
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commercial banner exchange [Advertisements]
a complete commercial grade banner exchange program, similar to link exchange. not one of those shareware systems that you always see displaying broken banners. contact us for the url of a full working demo of our proven system. too many features to
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easy banner rotater [Advertisements]
a simple banner rotater with text option. easy to install and uses ssi.
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free n share ad [Advertisements]
a banner rotation program that randomly displays the banner image and correctly bring user to the url. a cookie version is also available.
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freescripts: bannerwheel [Advertisements]
this script is for displaying banner ads in a somewhat random fashion. its not completely random though because you can set the probability of it displaying each banner. this script also keeps track of the number of times each banner is displayed.
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link exchange banner rotator [Advertisements]
this is a very small script that will rotate your le banners so that the same le html code does not get called on multiple pages. it creates and inserts and random number in the section of the le html code that defines what page you have the le add o
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