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meysofts rotating banner ads [Advertisements]
this is a complex set of scripts that gives you a complete working banner ad program for your web site. swap ads and paid ads are implemented. you can modify the paid ad portion to suit your pricing, etc.
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perl n javascript banners [Advertisements]
this set of scripts allows you to run an ad banner rotation on your site and on other sites that dont reside on your server. whats nice, is the rotation is done with javascript, which means your server doesnt have to waste cpu power on generating ran
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professional banner [Advertisements]
professional banner is a banner exchange software for use on unix servers and is available in a free and paid commercial version. the paid version incorporates all of the features of the freeware version plus many additional features.
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rz ad [Advertisements]
an easy to use and setup advertising program. features include automatic expiration, advertising statistics and much more.
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revshare 2000 [Advertisements]
members advertise your banner and you pay a small percentage for the sales directed from their web sites. this affiliates program tracks banner ad click-throughs and manages client statistics, payments, and commission rates.
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sfe banner rotation [Advertisements]
a random banner rotation script, complete with easy setup and a control panel to view your banners stats, add/remove/edit banner properties, and more.
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ssi ad-rotator [Advertisements]
this is a banner ad rotator script called using ssi. it features an easy to use administrative interface where you quickly add and delete advertisers. it also records the number of times the banners have been displayed.
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show & sell [Advertisements]
allows you to display and track advertisements on your web site. features include : a simple and quick installation process, a user friendly form based configuration system including password protection and optional logging of all displays and clicks
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