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simple banner rotation (ssi) [Advertisements]
a simple banner rotation script for a single page. can be renamed and a different count file used to control another page. easily configurable. runs using ssi.
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sponsor me [Advertisements]
sponsor me is a very advanced, yet easy to use advertisement program. with the web-based admin area you can add, edit and remove sponsors and check statistics. statistics include: impressions, clicks, percent and ratio. when adding or editing a spons
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veinottes heavy duty banner advertising system [Advertisements]
created for high volume sites, this system offers unlimited rotations, auto expiration of banners by days, views, or clicks for each individual banner. admin allows for adding banners and rotations, uploading images, editing banners, and more. the ad
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virtuetech - banner wiz [Advertisements]
virtuetech banner wiz is a banner advertisement package that is easy to use and will simplify your banner campaign. add/delete/edit accounts, rotation system, click thru ratios, error logs, and a complete password protected administration area. the p
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wwwadverts [Advertisements]
wwwadverts is a system for maintaining a set of random banner ads dispay on your web site. banners are displayed on your pages with ssi calls.
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webassistant [Advertisements]
webassistant helps you setup one of the most popular scripts on the web, webadverts. it will "debug" and check variables, directories and permissions for you. you simply place the script in your main directory, run it in your browser and it tells you
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iweb bannermaster [Advertisements]
bannermaster allows you to define an unlimited number of advertising accounts, each of which can belong to an unlimited number of "groups" (so you can actually do targeted advertising). accounts automatically terminate based on number of impressions,
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vip.banner [Advertisements]
displays random banners from a small ssi line. many options to configure.
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