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cgi scripts in perl

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AffiliateClick affiliate software [Affiliate Systems]
Commission version of the popular BannerClick affiliate software. Offering detailed statistics, streamlined code, and a low price. Can be set to commission, flat per sale, or both. Template driven appearance means that customizing to suit your site is a breeze! AffiliateClick can also send visitors to multiple pages within your site whilst still tracking sales. (click-thru version is available). More...
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AllAffiliatePro affiliate software [Affiliate Systems]
Combining all the power and features of our BannerClick and AffiliateClick affiliate software products plus more! Can run Pay per RAW, Pay per unique, commission per sale, flat per sale, and even blind. Each program style can be run together in any combination, allowing users to select which program they want. Offering detailed statistics, streamlined code, and a low price. More...
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LinkCodeGenerator - affiliate software addon [Affiliate Systems]
It replaces the old style "How to Link" page with a system that generates the correct linking code HTML for banners or text links the affiliate selects. Ensuring affiliates link correctly and offering a much better interface. More...
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AboutEMarket for UltimateSell [Affiliate Systems]
UltimateSell - CGI Script - Perl Script for reseller management with MySQL database. Available for both free version and professional version. AbouteMarket also provides installation and custom CGI service for all platform.
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Affiliate Domain Search [Affiliate Systems]
This is an affiliate domain search box that you can add to your site (i.e. you earn commissions when your visitors buy a domain name). Many affiliate programs offer domain search boxes for your site - but this differs from the norm in that your visitors dont leave your site until they are ready to buy their domain(s)
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