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cgi scripts in perl

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extropia: basic animation script [Animation]
many examples and scripts demonstrating both graphical and text based animations on the web.
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john donahues client pull animation [Animation]
a simple client-pull animation where the browser is pulled to the next page, rather than having the server force-feed it the animation.
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matts script archive: animation [Animation]
this script takes a list of images that you wish to animate and then quickly displays them onto the screen of netscape browsers creating the illusion of an animation.
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selena sols basic animation script [Animation]
several scripts demonstrating different types of web animation.
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web developers toolbox: inline animation [Animation]
a simple hack of another animation script which does pretty much the same as every other animation script. by flipping images one after another onto your browsers screen, an animation effect is created.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Animation]
this script will display various .gif images like an animated gif.
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