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cgi scripts in perl

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img [Archives]
a small library to calculate the size (x and y) of an image - gif or jpeg, and give it out, or give an error code if the file doesnt seem to belong to any of those types.
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joes free cgi scripts from the crypt [Archives]
cutting edge perl scripts bring your website back from the dead including banner ad system, hit counter and statistics, web link directory, bulletin board forum and survey with mailing list manager.
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jons cgi-scape [Archives]
jons cgi-scape is a growing collection of high quality, free perl / cgi scripts by jon hedley.
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kastle internet services [Archives]
now you can easily do more with our newest script. we offer free perl scripts like our counter, footer, redirect and host referrer scripts. and we are adding new scripts every week!
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kevins free perl scripts [Archives]
a growing collection of useful scripts for websites. many scripts perfect for beginners to setup.
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lqidskins mind tweek center [Archives]
some of the internets best cgi scripts. easy to follow instructions that anyone can follow.
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luke & marks cgi archive [Archives]
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luke & marks cgi archive [Archives]
free cgis to make your life much easier. logging is our theme.
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