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cgi scripts in perl

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the scripts home [Archives]
several quality cgi shareware scripts including classified ads, graffiti wall, the voting booth, webdirect, webforum, webnews, websearch, wwwchat, and wwworder.
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the ultimate cgi bin [Archives]
the ultimate cgi bin contains some unique scripts and some with advanced interfaces. the scripts avoid the year 2000 concerns, and all output screens can be customized by editing a html file, not the script.
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the zone coasters free scripts [Archives]
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uninet solutions [Archives]
uninet solutions offers five great free scripts, free counter digits, web site resources, affordable consulting, and more. free tech support on every product we offer, from the free scripts, to custom web sites.
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vp developing script library [Archives]
an ever-growing collection of free and paid professionally developed scripts.
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web bazaar cgi scripts [Archives]
a variety of tools to help manage information, and to automate the tasks involved in running a website. home of the auction network, and the database doctor. code snippets coming soon.
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wiltered internet services - free perl scripts [Archives]
a collection of perl cgi scripts free for personal use, including guestlist, webpersonals, netpetition, fileview, bgtest, wwwfinger, no-link, protect-a-page, count-n-log and more.
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wolf havens javascript and perl archive [Archives]
includes a redirect, counter and guestbook script written in perl 5 for windows.
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