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bs midi [Audio Tools]
this script will play a random midi from a list of files. ssi and non ssi versions are available.
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jukebox [Audio Tools]
mulitplay jukebox. select as many as you wish from the list of songs and it will play them all from start to finish.
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mgk realaudio jukebox [Audio Tools]
script to stream multiple .ra files, selected from select tag. includes script to dynamically build option tags , useful for ssi or other dynamically built pages.
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media [Audio Tools]
creates .ram, .asx, and other files so you dont have to. also has a feature to stop people from linking to your media files.
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realaudio jukebox [Audio Tools]
a very simple real audio jukebox. only a few lines of code there. you can make a list of real audio files to listen too.
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vee and das mimeslapper [Audio Tools]
an easy to use mime-type header handling script to allow users to serve the right mime-headers for mp3 files in cases where the server does not, or in other cases, where it would be desirable to specify a particular mime-type header for the yet-unsta
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mediawrap [Audio Tools]
mediawrap "wraps" real audio and mp3 media files, so you do not have to create special ".ram" files to allow http streaming. when a browser connects to your site, it gets the ".ram"-file with the url in it, when realplayer connects to your site, it g
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