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cgi scripts in perl

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remote banner [Banner Advertising]
this program will rotate banners in either a random sequence, or a fixed rotation. it is controlled by a variable in the http address, on the html page where the banner is to be displayed. this script was designed for displaying banners on remote sit
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revshare 2000 [Banner Advertising]
members advertise your banner and you pay a small percentage for the sales directed from their web sites. this affiliates program tracks banner ad click-throughs and manages client statistics, payments, and commission rates. installation and integrat
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stepwebs banex [Banner Advertising]
banex is the perfect script for you to start your own banner exchange program. you are able to add new banners along with link thanks to an extra script, included in the zip.
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web advertisements [Banner Advertising]
advertise is a script with two parts. the first works as a conventional server-side include for those who have it. the second works as a cgi script that reads your html as a template and inserts a banner at specially marked places on your page.
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Banner Manager 2.60 (SQL) [Banner Advertising]
Banner ad management system. MySQL database integration, targeting/blocking, backup/restore, individual ad weighting, supports swap, paid and click ads. FastCGI/mod_perl compatible. Supports 3.5 Million accounts (expandable) and up to 25 Million simultaneous impressions/clicks (server allowing).
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SimpleCycle [Banner Advertising]
This script allows you to customize banners for each of your domains. It allows you to allow others to have your banners on their sites in a very simple and fast way, with full control and rotation.
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Simple Banner [Banner Advertising]
This is a small but fast banner rotator available in both standard Perl and MySQL versions.
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BannerWheel Industrial [Banner Advertising]
BannerWheel Industrial by Command-O Software, Inc.
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