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cgi scripts in perl

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Random/Daily/Monthly [Banner Advertising]
A program that outputs either random, daily or monthly (based on the date) text/images/links or whatever you place in the cooresponding text file. (I use it in my Link of the Second Section) Can be called either with SSI or from a link or framed page. It ouputs several date and time formats for you to choose from or, turn off if you like.
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SunnyScripts AdvertisingSuite [Banner Advertising]
AdvertisingSuite is a complete software solution to manage commercial advertising banners on your website. Unlimited number of advertisers and banners are supported. Professional features like a versatile category system, automatic campaign expiration, detailed live statistics, customizable advertisers lounge, SSI and non-SSI modes, banner exchange mode and much more. The entire software can be controlled using a powerful web-based administration panel. Simply use your browser to configure and work with the software ! More features are available... Please visit our website for complete product information !
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Fast! AdCycle [Banner Advertising]
Fast! AdCycle is a FastCGI version of the AdCycle, a free, popular banner management software which features SSI, rich media, text banners, timed delivery, click & impression limiting, groups, cache-busting, and many more. This version of AdCycle runs faster under FastCGI, and allows several aspects of AdCycle to be customized.
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CLiX Scripts Banner Xchange v2.0 [Banner Advertising]
A Free Banner Xchange Script that allows you to run your own Banner Xchange! Features include auto expire, auto activate, error logging, referer logging, 3 banner layouts, user interface customization, easy to use admin area, and lots more! If your not sure try our demo!
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BannerPro [Banner Advertising]
BannerPro is a database driven banner rotator and content management system. Using a combination of technologies including PERL, S.Q.L., and JavaScript delivers a powerful yet intuitive and easy-to-use full management interface and content delivery system. SSI not required.
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Advanced Banner Rotation Engine [Banner Advertising]
Works with various banner formats (pictures, HTML, Flash, etc.) and sizes. Dynamic statistics for users. Protection from cheaters. Many other features.
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