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brents redirecter [Browser Redirection]
automatically determines if the visitor is using the latest version of netscape or explorer. those who are are sent to one page, those who are not are sent to another page. simple and very easy to install.
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browsermatcher [Browser Redirection]
browsermatcher is a redirection tool that redirects users to pages according to their used browser. features: recognizes 20+ different browsers and is updated often. redirects to existing start pages or creates the pages on the fly. also features log
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drea leeds browser matcher [Browser Redirection]
this script by drea leeds determines which browser the client is using to view your page and then redirects them to a browser specific page.
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k.i.s. - browser redirect [Browser Redirection]
a extremely handy script that allows you to redirect all of your users to browser specific pages, with the code on those pages custom to the browser. handy, flexible and fun. works with netscape, internet explorer, ibm, mac, aol, hotjava, lynx, and m
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langredir [Browser Redirection]
redirect your visitors based on the language of their browser. langredir makes it easy for the visitor to switch between languages if the browser isnt configured correctly.
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sdpredirect [Browser Redirection]
sdpredirect is a script that redirects the a user to your web site based on their browser. users with the newest browsers may be redirected to enhanced web pages, while users with older browser are sent to simplier pages.
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stepwebs micronet [Browser Redirection]
this script redirects a user based on their browser.
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wireheads browser-sensitive redirection cgi [Browser Redirection]
this will detect browsers and send the user to four different sub pages. netscape users will receive the netscape page. internet explorer will receive the internet explorer page. lynx users will receive the text only page. and, finally, if you are us
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