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message board [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
create your own community on net with message board. no special setup required. images attached on each message. auto mail launched when message replied. included with host area to let you easily manage your board
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messager [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
bbs that allows screening messages before they get posted, archiving messages/threads more then x days old, etc.
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netboard pro [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
netboard pro is an enhanced message board system for internet web sites. netboard has been designed for best navigation with a heavy user-message system. netboards main features include unlimited forums/posts - cc emailing, admin features, and easy r
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netboard pro [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
netboard pro is a powerful, easy to use and fully customizable message board forum engine. it can quickly add interactive message boards to any web site. netboard also has full administrative features that provide complete control over forums. it is
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netforum [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
documentation reads, "netforum is a web based group communication and collaboration system provided by the university of wisconsin medical informatics group and the biomedical computing group." this script comes with many features that other bulletin
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newsboard [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
newsboard can be used on your site to display news or let others report news. it is password protected and all html can be modified externally from the program. it now includes an ssi version of the display so it can be dropped right into existing ht
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paleo [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
the paleo newsnet system is a cgi script written in perl and provides a usenet-like news group. you can post, and post follow-ups to posts. a person posting can also specify to have all answers to the post e-mailed to him or her. the new version allo
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private board registration [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
wwwboard 2.0a add-on allowing pre-registration to use board.
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