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super bbs [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
allows you to easily setup multiple threaded, searchable discussion groups. cookies retain user preferences. shopping cart interface allows one to easily save certain articles for future review. sql add-on module will allow you to hook up to your fa
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talkback [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
talkback gives your users an opportunity to air their views in a section on your website. visitors are given a chance to respond online to a list of articles. the scripts allows you to easily incorporate it into the look and feel of your existing web
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techno trades web based message board [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
the message board script lets users who come to your site join in a discussion group by reading and posting messages. users get a very friendly graphical interface with icons for navigation, posting etc. this board is heavily netscape 2.0 dependant f
[comments] (0) [search by programmer]

the finger server [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
the finger server is a web based, "pseudo" unix finger server with a nice browser oriented interface. users who have an account can login and update their .plan files for others to see. visitors to your site can check the plans of their favorite user
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the messager [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
on the front page users see the list of threads (continueing discussions). user can choose the thread(s) he finds interesting, read the first message and all follow-ups submitted as a response to the first message and post his own response. user can
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the scripts home: webforum [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
webforum is an easy-to-use and set-up message forum system. allow your visitors to read, post, and reply to messages in an unlimited number of forums.
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ultimate bulletin board [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
a full-featured bulletin board with up to 9 standard forums. extensive administrative options. a 4-tier membership system, including administrators, moderators, members, and junior members. can change user permissions, profile information, and syst
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ultraboard [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
ultraboard is a powerful, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable bulletin board system. includes features such as unlimited message boards, integrated search function, message preview and much more.
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