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virtual bulletin system [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
includes file uploading capabilities, message threading, chat room capabilities, password protection and multimedia sound capability.
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wwwadmin pro script [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
wwwadmin pro script allows you to create and edit multiple web boards in addition to the original features offered with wwwadmin 2.0a.
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wwwthreads [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
wwwthreads is a interactive web-based discussion forum featuring user registration, built-in search engine, multiple forums, highly customizable with the built in administration package and much more. released under the terms of gnu gpl, source code
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wattsosoft message board script [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
a message board script that supports frames and non-frames modes of operation. all html code used can be changed easily; the pages are created from user-defined templates.
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web crossing [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
web crossing offers a full featured message board with a built-in java chat room.
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web news [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
easy for you or your guests to post news bulletins. also allows to delete bulletins at any time.
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webforum [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
an easy-to-set up message forum system that allows users to post, read, and reply to messages in an unlimited number of forums.
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webbbs for nt/blat mail [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
a modified version of the highly popular webbbs bulletin board. webbbs was previously only available for the unix platform. weve simply ported this wonderful program to work with windows nt and blat mail!
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