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BoardMaster [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Professional bbs . Fast code, easy on the server ! FAST loading, pre-made thread pages ! Five different thread looks (open, closed, full, frames horizontal & vertical) ! Users can Edit/Delete/Preview messages. Supports unlimited boards. Reply to SPEC
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Ultimate Bulletin Board [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
A full-featured bulletin board with up to 9 standard forums. Extensive administrative options. A 4-tier membership system, including administrators, moderators, members, and junior members. Can change user permissions, profile information, and system
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DragonPost ver 2.5 [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Threaded message board, web based administration, lots of customizable items, unlimited forums
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Dragons MBoard [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Topic based message board, web based administration, lots of customizable items, unlimited forums, unlimited forum categories
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News Updater v2.0 [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Allows for easy updating of a news section. Quite similar to a graffiti board, but with admin functions.
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Perl-Boy [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Date and IP Address logging, newest message first, HTML tag removal from messages and even coarse language removal AND an email to the owner ! Talk about automated !
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MessageBoard [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
This is probably the simplest messageboard around. It is non-threaded. Easy to set up. All you need to do is edit two html templates and edit three variables in the script.
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SD Remote Hosting [Bulletin Board Message Systems]
Customize the look and feel of your board any way you like. Automatic email notification when someone posts. No annoying banner ads at the top or bottom of your board. No CGI access needed - We host everything right here!. Edit your board in real-time and delete unwanted posts. Automatic listing in our search engine and directory when you create your board.
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