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Database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL description and manual [Business Related]
WebToSQL is a Web-based database shell (database explorer) using thin client approach and a RAD tool for development of Web database driven applications. It creates dictionary based systems or generates source codes in a variety of languages.
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e-Accountant v1.0 [Business Related]
The Webs first backend small business accounting system that gathers information from your order forms and keeps track of credit card fees paid, refunds, orders, customer information and much more.
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WebFinance v1.0 [Business Related]
Financial calculator program lets you provide a free service to your visitors. Let them calculate mortgage payments, IRA withdrawls, do retirement analysis, tuition savings, auto lease and more.
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LognClick On-line Web Project Management System [Business Related]
This unique program has been designed to allow web designers to keep in touch with their clients and the service they provide. Restricted area access to the client where he will find his profile and also where he will be able to find: - Which domain name(s) he owns - How to review the traffic statistics of his site(s) - A review of the web designer activities on his site(s) - How to order a new RFQ (request for quote) - How to accept or reject/change an RFQ And much much more!
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KLSE Malaysia Live! [Business Related]
Display live KLSE stock summary on your web page. To make the stock summary more stable, we have separated it into two scripts. Similar scripts by other parties usually distort your existing page if the remote site makes sudden changes to the layout of its stock summary.
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Malaysia Foreign Exchange [Business Related]
Place the Malaysia Foreign Exchange information on your web page.
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The Star (Malaysia) Headlines ! [Business Related]
Extract the news headlines from The Star newspaper (Malaysia) and display them on your web page.
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Web Host 5.3 [Business Related]
Web Host 5.3 is a Web Hosting Accounting program. Every Provider that has purchased it swears it is the best prgram they have used. Try it out features Auto Billing and more......
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