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webcal [Calendars]
webcal allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar on your web site. the script can create calendars for any desired month from 1601 to 2899 a.d.; events to be displayed are stored in an easily-maintained data file. calendars can
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webcal [Calendars]
webcal allows you to create and maintain an interactive events calendar or scheduling system on your web site.
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a calendar of events in cgi [Calendars]
this program can generate calendars from january of 1970 to december of 2049. you can use customized templates for generating the calendars.
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calendar script [Calendars]
this is a simple script that runs the unix cal program and returns a calendar for a given year. nothing fancy, or even that original, but it is fun.
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calendarplus [Calendars]
calendarplus allows multiple calendars, email notification of meeting attendees, easy customization of look and feel. future enhancements, which are included with the original fee, include email additions to calendar, and email queries for specific
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calendar [Calendars]
this cgi-script produces a html3 table. either select the year and month below or enter them in the text boxes and press submit to get a calendar for that month.
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eventcalendar [Calendars]
eventcalendar by cgi world is a web based calendar that displays an organized replica of your traditional calendar. days of the month are linked if events are attached to a specific date. a password protected administration script allows easy adminis
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extropia: webcal [Calendars]
sol says, "the groupware calendar allows multiple users to view, add to, modify and delete from a shared calendar. however, though clients can all see all of the scheduled events, only the poster of a message can modify that message. newest feature i
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