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selena sols groupware calendar [Calendars]
the groupware calendar allows multiple users to view, add to, modify and delete from a shared calendar. however, though clients can all see all of the scheduled events, only the poster of a message can modify that message. newest feature includes the
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shared calendars [Calendars]
shared calendars integrates schedules across your office or organization. it allows many users to each create their own individual calendars, giving access to different people as desired. shared calendars can also create a public calendar: ideal for
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simple calendar [Calendars]
this is a unix based calendar program and is is meant to be called via ssi. the current date is then bolded and displayed in a different color (optional).
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webevent [Calendars]
commercial web calendar software that features event types, multiple views and formats, repeating events, conflict resolution, event reminders, meta-calendars (combined calendars), searchable calendars, easy to use options (style, color, event urls,
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this calendar has the features: make calendars for months between january, 1970 and december, 2049, maintain your style using a customized template, and present all users with a readable calendar.
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events [Calendars]
events is a cgi library designed to help you when you have a web site displaying any kind of dates, be it birthdays, parties, services, workshops or whatever. instead of updating every page by hand when you add an event or an event has passed you onl
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iscripts eventcalendar [Calendars]
eventcalendar allows you to display events by month or organize events by specific categories such as sporting events, theater events, etc. fully customizable and easy to administer. add, edit or delete events through the admin functions or allow pub
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Day and Week [Calendars]
Display the current date, time zone (country) by text and the day by an image. Can adjust for difference in server time.
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