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Plug-in-Community [Chat]
Keep visitors glued to your site with discussion boards and chat
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2-cool chat network [Chat]
an advanced chat network system that has an enourmous amount of features, including unlimited rooms, private rooms, user file transfer, a nice admin and much more!
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cdr smallworld chat [Chat]
real-time chat with rich features. uses frames and user can create their own rooms.
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chatnetpro [Chat]
chatnetpro is a professional chat network. no java is required, everything is done in cgi. this chat network allowes you to run multiple chat sites. the program features: instant messages, user-rooms, real-time userlists for each room, private rooms,
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chatpro [Chat]
chatpro 2.1 is an internet program that allows real-time "chatting" with people anywhere else in the world so long as they are in the same chat-room as you. careful design was implemented to insure chatpro would be compatible with every forms capable
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communique chat [Chat]
the communique chat is an interactive perl script that enables users to chat real-time on your web site. some of its features are: unlimited public and private rooms, unlimited users, allows the filtering of user submitted html, and speed rivaling th
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DarkChat [Chat]
this script was inspired by mike wheelers chat scripts. a chat program with a specific look.
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dr. bs virtual conferencing tool [Chat]
a simple to use, yet powerful cross-platform conference hosting solution that can be installed on any website in minutes. the program includes: wysiwyg formatting, session archiving, an integrated search engine, a rich html conference environment, an
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