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thanks-chat advance [Chat]
we reduced a lot of usage on the cpu from the server. we also added a lot of functionality to this chat script.
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thanks-chat free [Chat]
we save a lot of cpu resource usage in this script. it also come with lots of functionality.
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v-chat [Chat]
one of the most advanced chat networks in the world has arrived. v-chat supports a stunning interface, loads of chat features such as buddylists, network e-mail, user rooms, kicking, baning, users can kick others out of their room, chat commands, net
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www chat [Chat]
now easily and quickly set up an interactive chat system on your web site and allow users to talk to each other live.
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web chat [Chat]
a high-quality public domain chat script.
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webconference [Chat]
fully customizable chat engine with full suite of security features including arin netblock banning, logging, and decency filtering/flagging. allows for user profiles, as well as avatar to be uploaded directly from the chatters desktop. uses a compil
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webmoot 97 [Chat]
an internet conferencing application, combining real-time chat, threaded discussion and email participation.
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webtalk [Chat]
webtalk is a very sophisticated real-time chat. it includes many features such as file transfer, add-ons, frames, user actions, irc like commands and much more. it also has an excellent interface.
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