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cgi scripts in perl

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whiplash [Chat]
free cgi irc client non-java. designed to educate people how to write server-push technology, as well as take advantages of perls inter process communication, sockets, hash logic, etc.
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zone coasters chat [Chat]
this script allows you to operate a chat room or several chat rooms. an admin feature is available to allow you to ban users or kick them off temporarily.
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e_chat 3.0 [Chat]
an efficient and full featured cgi chat script. includes text colors, framefree option, and admin functions: user log, ban by remote host, clear message page, clear user log, custom log ons for registered users, all from one frameset.
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LCARS Chat [Chat]
LCARS CHAT is a fun, fast, full window chat that uses the fictitious Star Trek LCARS computer interface. A few features: Can easily be translated to different languages. Supports private messages. Bad word filter function. Option to kick out user.
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VoltWeb Ltd - Web development and production services [Chat]
Free entertainment portal with advanced graphic 3D chat, free e-mail and free games; fully customizable pages and information directories. You can create your image on the web and your own world, find new buddies
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Simple Chat [Chat]
Simplechat is a very simple chat program. Setup is relativly simple. The script is intended for sites that need a quick chat program. This script changes a html web page which is refreshed every x seconds. This saves server time, since the user does not have to luanch a new script to see new messages. The script is only executed when the user adds a new message to the chat
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Realtime Web Chat [Chat]
Realtime perl chat script that works just like IRC. Unlimited public and private rooms, sysops, ban, kick, even file transfer!
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ChatPro - by Command-O Software, Inc. [Chat]
The most innovative chatting solution around! ChatPro is compatible with virtually all browsers, is extremely flexible, and expandable. We’ve even included emotions for users to express how they feel. This is a must have upgrade for your site!
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