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ChatPro - LE version by Command-O Software, Inc. [Chat]
It is the same program as the Pro version except without the plug-ins, some of the plug-ins add more capabilities such as Frames mode, admin options, and much much more - and best of all its free!
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LCARS Chat [Chat]
This is a Star Trek lovers dream come true. LCARS Chat is a full window chat that uses the fictitious Star Trek LCARS computer interface. This program comes with a special file for easy language translations.
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American Pie Chat [Chat]
Another fine program from Theme Chat. American Pie is a full featured, pop-up chat with an American patriotic theme. It is a great progam for any web site with an American theme.
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WebChatter [Chat]
WebChatter utilizes server push technology to create a Realtime web chat environment. This means there is no browser refreshing. All messages appear immediately. WebChatter was designed to work the way IRC (Internet Relay Chat) does, but also to be easy enough for the average web surfer. No dedicated server is required and any user can install! Features include unlimited public and private rooms, op, kick, ban, even file transferring! Too much to list!
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Midmart Photo Chat [Chat]
Midmart Photo Chat allows users to view a little photo of other users while they chat, create their own profile, and send private messages and files to other users. It allows unlimited chat rooms, an online users list, includes a built in anonymous mailer, profile search, and much more. Has an admin which includes utilities like: ban/unban an IP address, delete a user, send an email to all users, etc.
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Chat-N-Time [Chat]
A simple one-room Perl Chat system. Supports
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LiveWeb Master [Chat]
LiveWeb Master allows you to chat with your visitors in real-time. LiveWeb Master consists of two parts, and Admin Client that sits in your Windows system tray and CGI scripts for your web site. It allows your visitors to open a chat window and chat in real-time! No page refreshing, plugins or anything, streaming text for the instant messaging.
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Chat Community [Chat]
ScriptDesigners Chat is an ideal solution to build interactivity in a website while promoting loyalty and repeat visits. Allow members and visitors to interact in real-time thru a variety of channels (public rooms, private rooms, directed private chat, instant messages, instant posposts, and more). And for fun (which we believe 99% of chatting is all about), Chat has been designed with three types of emoticons easily accessed by the user thru dropdown menus. With a professionally designed template-based user interface, you can put it to work immediately!
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