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and today is.... [Clocks]
and today is... will output the current date on your site, in one of five formats that you can choose from. from the admin panel, you also can select the font face and color. easy setup too.
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cliffs clock [Clocks]
simple program that displays the time and date. you can change the format and order of the information.
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date library package [Clocks]
this is a date library package that currently has 11 subroutines to give in whole, or part, about any combination of a date format.
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object oriented date & time functions package for perl 5.002 and above.
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digital clock [Clocks]
this is a very simple graphical digital clock written in perl. no server-side includes needed.
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matts clock [Clocks]
a simple clock which can show the time & date in many different formats.
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matts script archive: textclock [Clocks]
this program will display any combination of time, day, month and date using server side includes to in-line the text directly into your page.
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page last visited [Clocks]
have you wished you could provide users with a link back to the place they were last at? well, using this script, now you can. (requires server side includes)
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