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amortization calculator [Commerce and Finance Related]
a fast, easy-to-use loan amortization calculator. displays clean and very professional amortization tables.
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barcodewriter [Commerce and Finance Related]
this cgi tool creates color bar codes of popular types, i.e., upc a, upc e and ean 13.
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encrypt-it pro [Commerce and Finance Related]
encrypt-it pro 2.0 has advanced features like: on the fly datafile creation, seperate datafile for each form you wish to use, read in seperate datafiles, on the fly datafile clearing, form report in admin email notify and thanks letter for reference
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encrypt-it-isp [Commerce and Finance Related]
are you an isp looking for a great utility to offer your ssl users? encrypt-it-isp is for you. like our other versions encrypt-it-isp handles any form type securely on your server, but unlike our other versions isp allows each user to login the back
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enhanced commerce.cgi [Commerce and Finance Related]
the enhanced commerce.cgi is a shopping cart with built in credit card acceptance using itransact. the program settings manager makes it easy to input your itransact specific information, making this a fast way to get your business on the web.
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house hunter [Commerce and Finance Related]
house hunter is a suite of full-featured property listing scripts designed for realtors. it allows a realty company to self-publish and maintain property listings on the internet using any isp. its a complete solution for realty companies of any size
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ibscript [Commerce and Finance Related]
ibscript allows your customers to create their own username and password after their credit card or web900 pincode from internet billing co. has been accepted.
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internet billing wizard [Commerce and Finance Related]
internet billing wizard 1.1 was designed for web hosting companies. it allows you to send email invoices to your customers by simply entering thier domain name, billing fee, and the email address from a list. this version includes logging, invoices s
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