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ccpass [Commerce and Finance Related]
designed for use with ibills credit and phone payment services. automatic entry of password/username into password file following a transaction. also provides auto e-mail, transaction logging, error reporting. comes packaged with siteadmin - an admin
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ibill gateway [Commerce and Finance Related]
if you offer memberships via ibill, this program will fully automate the sign-up/username/password process. easy search, edit, manual add, and deletion or members. saves you many hours finding and deleting .htaccess files by hand.
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infofinance [Commerce and Finance Related]
infofinance includes a mortage calculator, debit-reconsolidation calculator, currency converter with digial leds, currency signboard and more.
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LSE Stock Retriever [Commerce and Finance Related]
LSE is a stock retrieval program that displays stocks from the London Stock Market. LSE has a multiple report and graphical charts format. This program can be customized very easily, all table cell colors can be modified, and font styles can me matched to your sites look and feel.
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Canstocks Canadian Stock Retrieval System [Commerce and Finance Related]
Canstocks is a Canadian Stock Retrieval script that collects and displays 7 different graphical stock reports of Canadian traded stocks. With over 70 unique indexes, your visitors will be able to track specific market fields. Easy to install in under 5 minutes, Canstocks can use your own custom header & footer files, and all cell colors and font styles can be changed to match your sites look and feel..!
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compubank [Commerce and Finance Related]
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Commerce and Finance Related]
Wedesign Quote is a perl script that was made for web designers who need active content on their webpages.
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The CITY Shopping [Commerce and Finance Related]
Ecommerce solution with mall capability, multi-language and multi-currency, customizable layout and database manager, UPS online and file-based shipping calculator, support for Cybercash, Itransact, ...
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