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Script collection for different tasks online management [Commerce and Finance Related]
Different online scripts for automation of Web routines developed with WebToSQL - database administering, search, extract, schedule, organize, tour, email and more - fast growing collection
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STOCKER [Commerce and Finance Related]
Stocker is a stock retrieval script designed to collect charts, graphs and text data from around the internet and display the results in a clean easy to read format. This version of stocker now displays 7 different reports and includes a java powered stock ticker.
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Cashier & Automated Billing System Professional [Commerce and Finance Related]
For Web Host Service Providers, Designers, computer business, retail, or any E-Commerce Application. New E-Mail Panel Improved Billing Features Easy Installation ( 10 Minutes ) Customer Login Panel Auto-Billing Customize you products/services Update Accounts easily 1 Time or Monthly Billing Feature Administration Panel Add New Customer Customer Panel Add Products/Services Edit Product/Services Update User Information
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Data Shaping Web Robot [Commerce and Finance Related]
Web spider offered with advanced technical support to help you design your application. Initially created to download stock quotes on internet.
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