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SunnyScripts EasyData [Database Manipulation]
SunnyScript is a complete database manager with lots of feature and easy-to-use administration panel; all databases are fully customizable; search feature provides: Keyword(s), AND, OR, NOT, brackets and phrase search.
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bizdb [Database Manipulation]
a powerful, secure and easy-to-install flat file database management system written in perl. key software functions include database "add", "update", "delete", "search", "display" and "image uploads". all interfaces are html templates controlled.
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book manager [Database Manipulation]
are you an affiliate? bookmanager is a collection of perl scripts that help maintain and display recommended books and videos from the scripts are easy to install and help you maintain a database of books, music, and videos tha
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cnc technology secured database system [Database Manipulation]
a simple, powerful, flexible, affordable and secured flat file database system with add, edit, delete, search, display and image upload capabilities. definition of database fields and output layouts are controlled by html templates.
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db linker [Database Manipulation]
db linker is a comprehensive database management tool. it features admin e-mail notification of new records, classification of records, graphics tags, user updatable, history activity log, a page view counter and more. it utilizes a flat file databas
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dbflib [Database Manipulation]
a library for accessing dbf files incl. dbase 3 and 4 files, knows about memo fields.
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dbmedit [Database Manipulation]
dbmedit is a web-based dbm file editor, very convenient if you use dbm files. each record in a dbm file may be treated as several "fields", delimited by a user-defined string-- in effect, supporting multiple columns within a dbm file. dbmedit displ
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db_browser [Database Manipulation]
web-based cgi interface to a database, search/add/edit tuples and directly query the database with sql.
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