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cgi scripts in perl

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flattext (class b) [Database Manipulation]
paste a sample of your flat text delimited (comma, tab, or other) database and a custom perl script and html code are created that lets web users search your database. you can add, edit and delete records in the database through your web browser, or
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fast media system [Database Manipulation]
enable new pages or simple modifications to your websites via a forms-capable web browser.. perfectly suited to all types of content from news pages to realmedia meta files to java applet parameters, the fastmedia system runs on any web server with a
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product manager [Database Manipulation]
product manager is designed to maintain a product database of your system. it provides your customer base with the most up to date information about how your products are priced and what kinds of quantity discounts are available.
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sws - stepweb search [Database Manipulation]
this is a search program, that can find a word in a database, and then prints out the result very clean.
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search engine [Database Manipulation]
keyword search online database (all records as a whole) and return list of records scored and sorted by relevance (best matches first)
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simplebase [Database Manipulation]
simplebase is a program that will allow you to keep a rather simple database of your visitors in html format. fully compatible with ms access or other database programs supporting comma delimited text files.
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tabelle (sql2table) [Database Manipulation]
a perl script that converts any sql query (using odbc) into a table. just add #exec cgi... tag in your shtml file. many options, different kinds of tables.
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universal search engine [Database Manipulation]
keyword search html or text file online database by any field(s). you can control what fields should be searchable, search options for any specific field and output format.
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