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cgi scripts in perl

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virtualcatalog [Database Manipulation]
virtualcatalog is an add-on to virtualcart shopping cart service. virtualcatalog is an on-line product management system which enables the administrator to easily add or update a database of items and categories through a web browser. virtualcatalog
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warpost [Database Manipulation]
used for leagues playing mechwarrior to keep track of points
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web address book script [Database Manipulation]
the address book script was designed specifically for use with the pro cds select phone database export function but works with any popular database or spreadsheet exporting function.
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web address book script [Database Manipulation]
this script is easy to install and works with comma delimited text formatted databases. address book script is compatible with any popular database or spreadsheet exporting function.
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web-o-dex [Database Manipulation]
web-o-dex provides a web-based, online address book. fields include name, address, phone (home, work & fax) and url of web site. records are easily maintained, with add, delete and edit. can be configured for only one or multiple users. even has onli
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worldmachine/dba [Database Manipulation]
the worldmachine/dba data management tool is a web-enabled user interface for relational databases. it allows users to easily view, insert, update and delete records in a variety of relational databases. it is easily installed and customized, and sup
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ziga turks wbase [Database Manipulation]
turk explains, "wbase is about 70k of perl code which make it very easy to create a (more or less) flat multimedia database and let it be maintained, added-to, modifed, and queried through the www."
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display comma separated data exported from a database. uses templates and the same script can be used for multiple data sets with different layout.
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