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Chatologica Database Publisher [Database Manipulation]
- publish your databases in internet and make perl web applications in a semi-automated manner. Resources optimized, compatible with all platforms, database servers, mod_perl and FastCGI interfaces.
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mysqlwdb [Database Manipulation]
This is mysqlwdb, a free (GPL) cgi script written in Perl5, easy to configure and to install, intended to manage MySQL database tables through a web interface. Just edit and configure ONE file.
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SunnyScripts EasyData [Database Manipulation]
EasyData is an all-round, but easy-to-use database management system (DBMS) suited for versatile database applications like product catalogues, search engines and more... EasyData comes with a wide range of powerful features like handling of categories, record voting and comment system, integration of images and binary files, record expiration, various field types and field validation. You can even allow online record additions and modifications (also moderated, of course) directly from your website. An advanced search tool allows complex search criteria like boolean operators, wildcards, comparisions, phrases, parentheses and filtering. The web-frontend is fully customizable to fit into any existing website layout. It has never been easier to build and manage your own web based database. More features are available... Please visit our website for complete product information !
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BizDB Web Database Software [Database Manipulation]
A powerful, secure and easy-to-install flat file database management system written in Perl. Key software functions include database
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ImageDB for Members [Database Manipulation]
This is a Web based database system supporting hundreds of thousands of images plus unlimited short and long text fields. Each user must complete a
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ImageDB [Database Manipulation]
This is a Web based database system supporting hundreds of thousands of images plus unlimited short and long text fields. Each member record is password-protected. A flexible search and reporting engine is included. All Web interfaces and system outputs are controlled by HTML templates which can be easily designed by any Website designers. Price includes software and installation.
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QuickMysql [Database Manipulation]
The ultimate mySql program for novices and professionals. Web based control of your database could not be easier. Create, drop, view and update tables columns and whole databases in seconds. Literally! This is a must see program and its totally free. You will be amazed by the power and speed of this program. We guarantee it! Comes with documentation and built in commands. All you need is database access, this program will do the rest.
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MultiDB Express [Database Manipulation]
Create 1,000+ customizable web databases using the MySQl server. Each database has its own username and password and are independent of each other. Import/export features fo Access provided. Feel the power of MultiDB Express
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