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cgi scripts in perl

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mail-list [EMail Utilities]
gather (willing) names for a simple mailing list. saves names and addresses for use in pine, and has flexible and configurable response messages.
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mailfile [EMail Utilities]
this script allows you to send multiple files by e-mail to someone requesting them from a web page.
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mailweb [EMail Utilities]
this program allows you to setup a form so that people can e-mail you, but whats nice about mailweb is, it doesnt display your e-mail address anywhere on your page.
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mailform.cgi [EMail Utilities]
mailform.cgi takes the output from a form and will send the defined user(s) an email message with a list of key = value pairs. it will then send the requester back the defined url.
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mailto cgis [EMail Utilities]
this scritp is one that e-mails you the output from some form that your visitor fills out at your site.
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my mailinglist v1.0 [EMail Utilities]
easy to set up and even easier to use. set a few variables, load and chmod then run the setup routine. allows viewers to subscribe or unsubscribe from any page (on as many pages as you like). prevents duplicate submissions, weeds out e-mail
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net announcements [EMail Utilities]
net announcements lets users subscribe to lists you have created. admin area you may select groups to send email to.
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postino pro [EMail Utilities]
creates a searchable www archive of e-mail messages. the pro version uses an odbc source to store data and perform sql queries.
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