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cgi scripts in perl

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perldomo [EMail Utilities]
this package manages a mailing list. it allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list via html forms. the package includes 14 files, including the perl scripts, setup file, log files, and ready to use html files.
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selena sols mailing list manager [EMail Utilities]
this script provides a user interface for browsers to add their names to your mailing list as well as a web based administrators interface so that you can send mass mailings to those who have signed your list.
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sendmail for nt [EMail Utilities]
a standalone sendmail script for win nt that doesnt cost hundreds of dollars.
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tgmail for nt [EMail Utilities]
a standalone mailer script with which to send form input. requires only perl. no libraries, sendmail, or other mailer daemon needed. uses any remote smtp server you designate. designed with nt servers in mind, this script will actually work on any pl
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the mail list system [EMail Utilities]
this is an expanded version of the filemail system above. it will allow your client to add their selves to your list server while they get back issues of your news letters. be sure to look over the fields in the delivery html document to set your sys
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the responder [EMail Utilities]
auto responce to questions via e-mail.
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web email lite [EMail Utilities]
includes automatic parsing, custom or automatic auto responses to the submitter, url redirection, multiple email recipients in "to", "cc", and "bcc" fields, tight security, and more. extended for web based email distribution lists for installation of
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cgi-mailer [EMail Utilities]
cgi-mailer is a simple system enabling users to have html form input formatted in a user-defined way and sent to an email address, without needing a new cgi program for each new html form or any user access to the cgi program.
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