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Mailbrowser [EMail Utilities]
Mailbrowser is a Perl script that uses an URL in the Subject:-header of an e-mail message for browsing the Web. It gets the page from the Web, and replies the contents by email. Mailbrowser is useful for people who have no direct Web access, but who
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CGI Address Book [EMail Utilities]
Provide your web site visitors / company employees with a fully functional address book for E-mail addresses that can be accessed anywhere in the world. The next version will include the ability to store other information such as physical addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Purchase now and you will receive the new version and all further upgrades absolutely free.
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PerlMx [EMail Utilities]
PerlMx is designed to provide an efficient, scalable, and customizable framework of solutions for the entire range of e-mail filtering tasks. These include: mail archiving: selectively log e-mail traffic based on arbitrary criteria, volume accounting: keep track of e-mail volumes to generate statistics, custom Routing: redirect mail to third parties based on sender, recipient or other external parameters, spam control: implement your own heuristics for weeding out "spam" e-mail, keyword scanning: add custom actions based on keywords in e-mail, content rewriting: add new headers or change existing content of to incoming messages.
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Auto-Responder [EMail Utilities]
FREE CGI script that lets your visitors send their feedback to you via e-mail without knowing your actual e-mail address. Once your visitors sent their feedback to you, Macurious Auto-Responder will automatically reply them with an e-mail to thank them.
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@t [EMail Utilities]
A reliable SMS reminder service. Connects your website and email to cell phone (Message-2-Me). Website visitors and friends can respond within seconds by sending a SMS message. Remote activation, Easy 5 minute installation. More than 180 networks supported!
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Inquiry Handler [EMail Utilities]
Keep track of your customers questions and potential sales. Allows customers to check on their inquiry status, and update their inquiry. Open/Closed and high priority inquiry settings. Click to find out more...
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