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world wide updater pro [Editing Web Pages]
this is the same as world wide updater 1.0, except this one is even easier. it comes complete with a new interface. includes a html help guide along with color charts. all functions are located on one page.
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world wide updater [Editing Web Pages]
this allows you to update pages on the fly from your browser. you can add users and give them passwords. you can even update multiple files at once and use html tags.
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zone coasters editpage [Editing Web Pages]
editpage is a perl cgi script which allows users to edit their web pages through the browser window rather than through the use of a server-based text editor or by downloading, editing and uploading. lots of options and file upload support now avail
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zone coasters homepagemaker [Editing Web Pages]
this script allows a user to fill out a form and have a homepage automatically-generated and saved in his home directory (which is created if it doesnt already exist).
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biped [Editing Web Pages]
biped is a nifty little perl5 cgi script that allows you to view both the source code and the rendering of your page within a single screen.
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Webman - Webpage Generator [Editing Web Pages]
This is an instant Webpage generator and database manager software written in Perl offering user registration, user authentication, instant webpage generation and updates with preview function, support of image and audio file uploads, automatic
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Page Publisher [Editing Web Pages]
Overwhelmed by a daily avalanche of HTML page changes? Page Publisher is an advanced content management system that allows non-technical users to easily update information on their websites without learning HTML or fear of ruining the site design.
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Realty Manager [Editing Web Pages]
Managing real estate listings online is a snap with Realty Manager, your one-step posting management system! Realty Manager is your complete solution for managing real estate listings on your website.
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