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cgi scripts in perl

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Auto Manager [Editing Web Pages]
Managing auto listings online is easy with Auto Manager, your one-step posting management system! Auto Manager is your complete solution for managing auto listings on your website.
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WAP Text Modify [Editing Web Pages]
Modify both the Web and WAP sites text contents simultaneously (in one step) through WAP interface. This script is written to display the modification date, 3 products and their prices. C/w WAP input form. With some simple HTML and cgi knowledge, your can modify the active output WAP and Web pages to suit your needs. Eg. you may have more products or you may want to convert it to a message board.
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DocBuilder [Editing Web Pages]
Build online documentation and manuals for virtually anything with a click of the mouse.
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Maintain a complex web presence using only your web browser [Editing Web Pages]
EZ Update allows you to edit and maintain your web pages and images right from your IE web browser. Its intuitive WYSIWYG interface will allow anyone with rudementary knowledge of popular word processors able to add pages, complete with images, with NO KNOWLEDGE OF HTML. The system comes complete with built in search and archiving capabilites.
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Publishing Tools [Editing Web Pages]
At, we make affordable Perl CGI scripts, software and tools to enhance your website.
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Tired of updating the
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FAQ Builder [Editing Web Pages]
The ultimate FAQ center can now be built in minutes. This amazing program allows your website visitors to submit questions and receive answers from your webpage. Features include : one minute setup, admin control panel ( phenomenal ), categories, autoresponder email templates, search log and search engine so you know what you visitors are seeking... the list goes on and on. No HTML experience? None needed, this program will add form fields for you, just enter a name and check a box if it should be a required field.
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EditTag [Editing Web Pages]
A script which facilitates website content management. EditTag allows users to edit pages using a web interface, but restricts editing to specific tagged areas of the document.
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