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countdown lite [File Downloading]
a fast and stable download counter. this script records a hit every time a user downloads a file then autoforwards the user to the download without prompts.
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countdown [File Downloading]
countdown will log hits for multiple file downloads from your site. it records the hits for all files in a single log file, orders the file (max-to-min), and then auto-forwards the user to the download. no prompts are given to the user.
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click count [File Downloading]
track how many times your link/file had been accessed.
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down load it [File Downloading]
down load it makes having files for people to down load very simple. all you do is upload the file, fill in two sections, then use the special url created by down load it. features include: how many people have down loaded one of your files, who has
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download counter [File Downloading]
download counter will count all file downloads from your site and display the data to you in a html page. it will also help you make your downloads page more attractive as the script is called by the use of a form button instead of a text link. the s
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download manager [File Downloading]
download manager allows you to host files for download. the user is forced to enter their correct e-mail address through a special download process. administrator defines if user can download single files or multiple files. add, update, and remove fi
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download master [File Downloading]
download master tracks information such as, how many times a file is downloaded, who is downloading it and other useful info, all controlled from the intuitive admin script. it features completely hidden file urls, e-mail updates, password protect f
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downloadcounter [File Downloading]
the simple textual counter for calculation of file downloads and transitions to other pages. a package contains two scripts. first ( is intended for calculation downloads and preservation of the information in a simple textual database, and s
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