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veinottes html generator [File Management]
this script creates text and htmll files from text that you supply via a form. then using an html template and the text file, it will generate the new html file. best of all, when you want to change the format of all the files that the script has gen
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veinottes web file editor [File Management]
this script enables you to replace lines of text or html code in a single file or globally throughout a directory, from your browser. it will find and replace whatever line you enter, in the file or directory that you specify. version 2.0 also availa
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web thief [File Management]
webthief is an extremely easy to use script intended for grabbing files and pages from world wide web via http protocol. the webthief works with httpget.lib library, which supplyed with this package. to receive data from the web, you shold specify ju
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webrsh [File Management]
webrsh is a cgi program which implements a general purpose web-based computing shell. it provide a command line interface, file manager, text editor, and a few other basic things, while being highly configurable and adaptable to various tasks. it can
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webby [File Management]
multiuser web site management system, intended for isps and other companies. webby allows users to manage their web sites on a unix server using only netscape. no telnet or ftp required. users do not need local accounts.
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run after transfering text files from dos to unix system. strips carriage returns from dos files for use unix. transfers file permissions to new file (except suid bit).
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emediaadmin [File Management]
quickly post stories and images onto the web. the software creates html, organizes folder structure and updates tables of contents and archive pages.
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easypress [File Management]
use easypress to publish your magazine or newspaper directly to the web without any third party. once the system has been installed on your server space you have complete control over the content of your website without knowing any internet language.
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