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cgi scripts in perl

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a (non)?recursive file searcher which allows complex regexping, and batch operations to be committed on all files which match.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [File Management] is a script which simply converts files to lowercase.
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nobody.cgi [File Management]
nobody.cgi is a script that you can use to execute commands on the server as user:nobody. do you have a message board, counter or any other script on your server that generates files? if youve ever tried to manually edit one of these files you surel
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perky2 [File Management]
one-liner that maps its first argument across its second. for example, perky2 "mv # #.bak" * would add a .bak extension to all your files.
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this script will create individual html files for all of the pictures in a directory. the html layout is read from a template. any unique information for each graphic is read from a text file. it creates alt tags with the file size, and height and wi
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EZ Web [File Management]
Heres a little manager that allows you to create directories, edit files, delete files, upload files and create an HTML index of any directory. Can easily be used for client sites that have user updatable text/HTML files or, if you give/sell accounts on your URL, you can restrict them to specific directories
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WWW FTP Client [File Management]
This WWW FTP Client provides a way to access FTP sites via WWW interface. Using it you can do almost everything you can do with a casual FTP client: browse directory tree, rename and delete files and directories, upload files etc. The main goal of this script is to provide access to FTP servers if youre behind a firewall not allowing FTP connections. So you can install it on a remote site, access by your browser and connect to the FTP servers where you get accounts.
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csGridView: Manage flat file databases with very little effort. [File Management]
csGridView is an automated script that allows the user to manage flat file databases with very little effort. You can import existing databases (tab delimited, comma delimited or pipe. delimited), Copy and paste text into a management window, or, Create a new database from scratch. Multiple database management is a breeze. HTML viewing of database information is automatic! Create multiple HTML templates to view the database information. Too many features to list, you have to check it out.
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