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aspii webtools finger [Finger]
standard utility to get user information from a remote machine. you can read a persons plan if they have one.
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castle finger [Finger]
a simple finger script using your servers finger gateway. easy to use and set-up. includes meta-character removal and referrer checking.
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fastgraf finger [Finger]
finger is a program that tells you the name associated with an e-mail address. it may also tell you whether they are currently logged on at their system or their last logon session and possibly other information.
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finger gateway [Finger]
www finger gateway to a specific server(s). prints out only real names and e-mail addresses with references.
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newbie perl archive: www finger gateway [Finger]
this script enable you to finger other internet user and then redirect the result back to the web.
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webutil [Finger]
webutil is a set of internet utilities such as ping, traceroute, finger, whois, host, nslookup, dnsquery, and the unix calendar all web browser enabled.
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