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automail lite [Form Processing]
automail lite uses a website form input to auto-email a binary file (gif, exe, etc.) as an attachment. automail lite is an expansion of matt wrights formmail. useful for auto-mailing demo programs, images, or any other binary file.
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AutoMail [Form Processing]
AutoMail sends any binary file via email to a form user that enters their email address. The autoresponded email contains a text body and the attachment file.
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SunnyScripts PowerForm [Form Processing]
PowerForm is an easy-to-use form processor that provides multiple & personal autoresponders; all features of a standard formmailer; autoresponder can use form content to customize the look; many other features like redirections, template pages, multi
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a free mailer script [Form Processing]
a free mailer script by virtual nine.
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add-on to formmail [Form Processing]
this very simple script will allow you to have the results of a form (processed through matt wrights formmail.cgi) sent to a random email address. this can be useful if youre running a contest and want the submission to be sent to one of the judges,
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advanced form mailer [Form Processing]
extremely flexible script for handling web forms. designed primarily for use by isps for their customers. also works fine for individual users.
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alienform2 [Form Processing]
alienform2 is a very powerful, simple to use form -> email (and more) gateway. it uses templates to format all aspects of its output. it can send multiple emails (ie auto responses), save input to files, and even allows for multi-page forms!
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anyform [Form Processing]
anyform by cgi world is a multiple form processing script with many customizable features. options include email delivery, logging, required fields, preview options and more.
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