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cgi scripts in perl

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Junk STOP - Anonamous Webmasters Email [Form Processing]
Junk STOP is a simple form to email script that has the webmasters email address embedded in the script and therefore inaccessible to robots.
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Perl-Boy [Form Processing]
Let your visitors get in touch with you through your website via your own personalized web forms. Standard forms such as contact, submit, feedback and suggest-a-site
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@FeedBack powered by [Form Processing]
Just 1 script does everything - Easy for layout Header - Footer (just working with HTML code) - If you know FrontPage or Dreamweaver you can make it better. Dont need to understand about Perl-CGI - we have a tool Perl Wizard help you to install this script in a minute.
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WAP Formail [Form Processing]
A formailer which needs very little modification as most of the variables are set in the WML contact form. C/w the WAP input form. Quite easy to configure the script if you know some simple HTML.
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WAP Sendmail [Form Processing]
Let your visitors send emails to any email address from your WAP site. The script checks for email addresses validity and other required fields. C/w WAP input form.
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SunnyScripts PowerForm [Form Processing]
PowerForm is an advanced formmailer and data processor for HTML based forms. Beside the standard features of common formmailers like multiple recipients, redirections and templates, PowerForm provides also these advantages: Personal autoresponders, save-to-file (customizable), field validations and calculations (even with Perl regular expressions) and more - write intelligent forms in just minutes ! The software is easy to install and convenient to use. PowerForm works very reliable and needs only less system resources while running. More features are available... Please visit our website for complete product information !
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AutoCGIMail [Form Processing]
This web-based interface will generate a custom form and CGI for your website with any fields you choose.
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f2m.cgi [Form Processing]
This form processor uses the HTML form as the template, which means that your email looks just like the web page. The script is customizable from within the HTML form. Point your form to this program and add ONE hidden tag, click submit and your form appears in your Inbox.
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