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cgi scripts in perl

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G.Form [Form Processing]
A nice way for your visitors contact you.
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FormScript [Form Processing]
. This is a form mailer CGI script sort of program. Its unusual difference is that it will save the results to a CSV (comma seperated value) file as well as emailing you. All of the options are speficied in the script so you dont have to worry about other people abusing your webserver and the CGI script. I havent written any documentation for it yet but if you need some help go ahead and email me .
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AllForm [Form Processing]
Easy management of web based forms. More than just a form mailer! This program will process an unlimited amount of forms and store the results on your server. Simply enter a name for the form and a new folder will be created on your server to house that forms submissions. Comes with full documentation.
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VRManager - Web Site Contact Manager [Form Processing]
The VRManager is 3 applications in 1. Form to e-mail processing script, visitor database / mailing list manager, and bulk e-mail engine with mail merge.
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Superfrm Form Processor [Form Processing]
A full-featured perl form processor / autoresponder that is both flexible (template driven) and security conscious
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