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checkbox requester [Form Processing]
a webtool that allows your visitors to select multiple checkboxes and then be sent the information they selected from the checkboxes via email.
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cliffs form mailer [Form Processing]
mails a form to you and a response to whoever submitted it.
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count+stat [Form Processing]
count+stat provides the power, and expansibility of a high priced statistics program. guess what? this is that program, without the cost. this solid running perl script tells you important user information such as ip numbers, refers, clients, and ti
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counter and statistics [Form Processing]
this is a nifty program if you want to show off your daily hits. the program keeps track of the current hits for today, and the hits for each of the 30 days previous, as well as the total count for the page.
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dcforms98 [Form Processing]
this script features multiple recipients, and the options to order your form fields, require form fields and save form information to a text-delimited database.
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dream catchers: form return [Form Processing]
this script requires a separate cgi for each unique form. the form response is sent to your email and a confirmation message is sent to your visitors email.
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e-gateway [Form Processing]
e-gateway is a perl-based smtp mailer for cgi/web implementation. it is a sophisticated e-mail client that can generate html or ascii e-mails as is required. features html or ascii mail transmissions to owner, user or both; integrated "smiley" conver
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e-mail form [Form Processing]
emails the content of the filled out form to you.
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