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ez form mailer [Form Processing]
this cgi script processes the information entered into a html form and reformats it into an e-mail message. the e-mail will then be sent to the destination you specify. the information the script uses to reformat the form data and send the e-mail me
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emailite [Form Processing]
emailite is a simple script that you can implement into your web page. emailite allows users to send email to another person, as well as cc: them. email validation is also preformed.
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extropia: webresponder [Form Processing]
this script can be used to generate e-mail from a web based form or create a database or log file from this information. all e-mails interface with pgp for secure communication.
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flexible form [Form Processing]
flexible form with mail has all the functionality of quick form, plus it sends the user a thank you message and the admin an email.
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Form Processing: Form to Mail Processor Pro [Form Processing]
Process any forms on your web sites. Multiple pages forms. Uses simple templates to format all aspects of its output giving you full layout control. One program can work with any amount of forms. Script can send any number of different emails, output (append) to any number of files, check entered data, perform mathematical calculations, check entered data (by format), can use SMTP server or SendMail program, and more! FREE installation included.
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form verify [Form Processing]
mainly the script was written to provide users a chance to double check their input before sendingalong the mail.
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form-processor [Form Processing]
this script processes information submitted by an html form. the most basic function of the script is to email you the results of the form. however, other options are available including the ability to write the form information to a database, create
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form-to-email [Form Processing]
this general form processing script can handle an unlimited number of forms for unlimited purposes. all fields can be entered in a hidden html tag, so it is very flexible.
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