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jipes! formpro 2000 [Form Processing]
jipes! formpro 2000 features include: auto-configuration, save form contents to mail and/or file, easy validation and redirection. enable easily from existing web based forms.
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mail form handler [Form Processing]
free, highly customizable cgi script that processes html form input and prints it in email and onscreen. all customization is done from within the html form. easily ported to any platform that supports perl.
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matt kruses form mailer [Form Processing]
this script is meant to process forms and e-mail all the results back to a specific user that you specify. this way, anyone can create a form and get their results back to them. and it is perfect for a site-wide application,since you can set it up an
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matts script archive: formmail [Form Processing]
with the help of several hidden variables in your form, formmail allows you to set up and form, and using this cgi script have the results e-mailed back to you. works with any form, and you can use this one script for as many different forms as you p
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matts source code: feedback [Form Processing]
perl cgi script for a feedback form.
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multimail [Form Processing]
multimail secures the form to email gateway and prevents abuse and misuse in a manner that is cost effective.
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mypage [Form Processing]
easy to use browser homepage maker. allow your customers to preview, create, edit and delete their web pages on your server.
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nether-mail [Form Processing]
an advanced form mailer which supports unlimited fields, logging of sent mail, secuirty features, and is cutomizible by hidden fields. which makes it perfect for multi-user use. only edit four variables and it is ready to go.
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