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reply mail [Form Processing]
a modified version of matt wrights formmail script that sends a reply to the user filling out the form.
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simple html request form [Form Processing]
a simple form which allows people to select a topic & add notes. when submitted, the program generates a reply html page for confirmation, sends an e-mail to the web pages sysadmin (or designated account) and confirming e-mail to the requesting pers
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simplesecure [Form Processing]
simplesecure is a modified version of matt wrights formmail v1.6. that encrypts the body of the message using pgp. simplesecure is perfect for transmitting sensitive information like credit card numbers. pgp can be tricky, but simplesecure checks to
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soupermail [Form Processing]
soupermails a very generic form handler that can support file upload, pgp, user templates, saving the forms content, multiple email recipients, required and ignored fields, cookies, and a bunch of other useful stuff.
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staals emailer [Form Processing]
let your visitors send an email to there friends from your homepage.
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super form [Form Processing]
solves all form submissions problems. allows for secure transactions by saving all submissions to the server so they can be downloaded securely at a later point. or you can use the pgp encrypted email option for secure emailing. point.
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tekmail.cgi [Form Processing]
tekmail.cgi is a script based email form which will enable your visitors to send you email from your website. after the mail is sent a html page is displayed to the sender thanking them for their mail. the script is easily installed and does not requ
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template extended cgi form mailer (tecform) [Form Processing]
tecform allows you to specify within the form which fields of the form are manditory an which are not. so you will not recieve a mail if the form is not completely filled in with all the information that you need.
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