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cgi scripts in perl

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arclab mailme! standard [Form Processing]
arclab mailme! is a cgi program to send html forms via email. now you can build your own online-shop, order service, donwload registration, survey and many more with ease. features of arclab mailme!: send html forms via email;customizable result page
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ennyforms [Form Processing]
ennyforms is a versatile free feedback form script that should handle most mail form needs. it is designed to handle submitted information from almost any mail form without having to set up the script for each form, or include an abundance of hidden
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formtest.cgi [Form Processing]
test any form with this cgi script.
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ms-mail [Form Processing]
ms-mail is a script for processing cgi forms and mailing the results somewhere. the script is quite simple but still very flexible.
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test script to check for missing form fields in perl.
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web2mail [Form Processing]
contains several options which allow you to change the way this web based form processor works. all data is e-mailed to the specified recipients.
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WAP Formail [Form Processing]
A WAP formailer.
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FormHandler [Form Processing]
Unlimited amount of form elements emailed to you or placed in a file
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