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cgi scripts in perl

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affiliate redirector [Former Link Based Redirect]
protect your affiliate ids. this script allows you to hide the web address of the program you are promoting so cheats cant strip off your referral id. other benefits include easy keying of ads so you can see which adverts are working and a log of all
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cgi-list redirect [Former Link Based Redirect]
a very simple yet extremely quick form based redirection script. if you have a need for speed then this is the script for you.
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castle link [Former Link Based Redirect]
a easy to use and setup script that allows simple form based redirection jump boxes. includes referrer checking.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] jumpbox [Former Link Based Redirect]
allows you to easily implement "drop-down" menus for your site. runs in two modes: an open mode suitable for allowing multiple users access to the script, and a closed mode for greater security.
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clickgo [Former Link Based Redirect]
give your users the ease of using your webpage by using pull down menus to go to different parts of your web site.
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code-web redirect [Former Link Based Redirect]
code-web redirect will enable you to redirect users from your webpage via a form or a link. it also has an optional logging option.
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fastlink [Former Link Based Redirect]
fastlink is a perl script that allows the webmaster to stuff all his links in one small drop-down menu.
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frameit [Former Link Based Redirect]
frameit is a simple re-direct script that lets you link to other peoples sites without loosing you visitor. by altering the links on your page to go through frameit.cgi, a framed window is created. the bottom frame contains a link back to the referri
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